Bubble Sort

BubbleSortDemo may work either as applet and as application

Application mode

To start application download BubbleSortDemo.jar and type

      java -jar BubbleSortDemo.jar

Applet mode

HTML code for applet mode:
<APPLET code="BubbleSortDemo.class" archive="BubbleSortDemo.jar" width=800 height=600>
  <param name="show_maximum" value="yes"/>
  <param name="show_maximum_button" value="yes"/>
Applet has two parameters, that may have values yes or no:
  1. show_maximum - if yes, will show maximum value
  2. show_maximum_button - if yes, will show button that show/hide maximum
There are four pages :

There are two ways to start applet, using browser or by typing in command line:

      appletviewer BubbleSortDemo.html

Argument of the appletviewer command is html file, not jar. BubbleSortDemo.jar should be in the same directory.

Source Code