Visualization of Blocks World(System Perspective)


Command Line Version:

The command line version of the tool is a perl script "". This script takes the output of the blocks program which is obtained by executing the script command. The name of this file should be typescript. The perl script reads each line from this file and identifies the various objects (blocks) and then generates the VRML world accordingly. The VRML code is generated in a file named "temp.wrl". The user can thus view the world by opening the file "temp.wrl" through a web browser which has the cosmo player plugin.

Web-based Version:

The web-based version of this tool also uses the same logic to generate the world. In this version of the tool, the user can submit his output of the blocks program through a HTML form. The HTML form contains three different fields that the user has to enter. The first field is the name field where the user enters his name. The second field is a comment field where the user can enter any comment relevant to the program. The third field is a file upload field where the user enters the full path of the file to be uploaded. After pressing the submit button, all the data is passed to the cgi script which saves the uploaded file. This saved uploaded file is used for processing. After the processing is done, the VRML code is generated and written to a file "temp.wrl". The user can view the VRML world by clicking the "View_VRML" button in the second form.