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A neural network is a directed graph consisting of nodes with interconnecting synaptic and activation links.

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Quick Description of how to run the program

Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) is used for visualizing the Blocks world program. The student can use this visualizing tool to generate the VRML world out of the output of the blocks program. The user can use the web-based version to dynamically generate the VRML file on to the browser.This can be done by submitting the data file through a form and it dynamically generates a VRML file onto the browser. The user has the option of giving the Number of patterns,input,output and error values if the generated file is from SNNS else if he/she uses any other neural network system to generate the result then he/she has to give these values.The scaling value is mandatory and has to be given for any result field. If the user doesnt need the scaling then a value of "1" is specified. When all the values are specified the result file on the local machine is selected. Clicking on the submit button dynamically generates the VRML world.

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VRML worlds of Neural Network

This picture represents the normal view of the animated version of Neural Networks.The first grid represents input(blue),the second output(input),the third error(green).The last grid represents the difference between output and error.The animation makes the output to super impose over the error so that the user can see the variation of the data along with the difference between the two.

This is the over view (bird's eye view)of the animated version of neural network.

This is the east view of the animated version of neural network.

This is the west view of the animated version of neural network.

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