Archaeology Technologies Laboratory (ATL), 2004, Archaeology Educational Tools:

Bob Cosmano, 2003, MicroView: A stand-alone Java applet to dynamically browse Geology Explorer micrograph images.

Bob Cosmano, 2003, JTeakMOO: A Java Representation of TkMOO and MacMOOSE Functionality with a Graphical Object Hierarchy. Currently (26Feb2003) available only on Planet Oit.

Xinhai Ye, M.S. 2001, Virtual Entity Tool: a Tool to Assist Content Specialists in Constructing and Maintaining Hierarchical Ojbects in Virtual Scientific Domains

Bing Chen, M.S. 2000, A Tool to Build Arrtifacts in Virtual Reality

Jin Wang, M.S. 1999, Crystal Building at the Atomic Level by Using Java and VRML

Jozef Zelenak, M.S. 1999, Conversation Constructor for Agents in Educational Simulation Environments

Yongxin Jia, M.S. 1998, A Virtual Reality Abstraction Tool


The JavaMOO Specification (60K MSWord Doc)

The JavaMOO Progress Report (36K MSWord Doc)

Read: A Multi-user Desktop Virtual Environment for Teaching Shop-keeping to Children , a paper by Brian M. Slator, Harold Chaput, Robert Cosmano, Ben Dischinger, Christopher Imdieke, and Bradley Vender submitted to the Special Issue of 'Virtual Reality' on Interaction and Usability Issues for Desktop Virtual Environments

Read: 3D Wizard: A Tool to easily build 3D Worlds, a paper to be presented at ED-Media 2001 to be held in Tampere, Finland, June 25-30, 2001.

3D Wizard is a tool to allow speedy creation of 3D worlds. These worlds can then be used for lectures and other presentations. They can range from 3D diagrams to complex collections of objects for visualization of concepts. The worlds are accessible on the the Web and are displayed by VRML plugins for the browsers. A world is specified in an easy to read text file. The 3D wizard then will convert this into a 3D VRML world. 3D Wizard automatically supplies much of the structure of a world, allowing the world designer to concentrate on the content rather than redundant information. The user, when desired, can have detailed control and can change the default control. VRML provides a rich set of features, and most of those can be accessed from within the 3D Wizard worlds. The tool is particularly good for creating interesting and attractive diagrams (flow charts, system diagrams etc.).

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